Sunday, July 7, 2013

Exploring data - 2: Basic histogram tutorial using Excel

Before we start the tutorial make sure Analysis toolpack excel add-in is enabled. You can check it by File > Options > Add-ins.

Now make sure the data we need is in Excel file. Go to Data > Data Analysis.

As you click on Data Analysis you will get various options like below, select option "Histogram". Enter details in the popup windows which includes 
  • Enter input range (column for which you want create histogram)
  • Enter bin range (the buckets for the variable)
  • Select check box of Chart output. 

Simple way to select column is click on first cell in column and press "Ctr + Shift + Down arrow key". By default the output will be posted in new sheet but if you want you can have it in same sheet or new workbook as well.

Now click on OK and you will get Histogram about the variable (column) you have selected as below.

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